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Fixed fee in-house recruiting and outplacement services that allow your company to grow faster.
We are your on-demand talent partner that understands your company's needs, and saves you 1/2 the cost of traditional recruiters.

Your company's talent is the backbone of your success.  We specialize in 5 innovative services to attract high-quality talent at a fraction of the cost.

In-House Recruiters

Fixed Fee In-House Recruiting

Executive Outplacement Services

Executive Outplacement/ Reverse Recruitment

In-House Recruiters

Employee Outplacement

Employer Branding

Culture & Employer Brand Building Framework

In-House Recruiters

Learning & Development Coaching Programs

Fixed Fee In-House Recruiting that Saves You 50% of Traditional Recruiting Costs.

When you need talent, we work as your in-house partners, representing you, and working within your processes, to set up sourcing funnels, capture leads, score, video capture, and pass only the top ones to your hiring authorities.

  • Fixed fees mean you can divert funds to hiring high-quality talent.
  • Say goodbye to expensive talent acquisition costs and eliminate the confusion of working with multiple outside partners, creating a disjointed process that gives your candidates a bad first impression.

Industries served: Technology, Business, Consulting, Healthcare, Finance, Science, Higher Education, Architect, Engineering, & Construction (AEC), Utilities, Federal, State, & Local Government, Human Resources, Marketing, Product/Project Management, and many more.

We have a 98% success rate in finding candidates within the first month.


Executive Outplacement (Fixed-Fee Reverse-Recruiting) Services 

Need to transition an executive to a new role outside of your organization? We authentically brand leaders and then reverse recruit them to bring their value to other companies.

  • We get them in touch with their unique value and brand.
  • We brand their resume and LinkedIn profile and continue to build their social media.
  • We reverse recruit them to the hidden job market to quickly find a new role.
  • Executives are grateful that you cared enough to ensure they land on their feet in a new role.


Employee Outplacement (Fixed-Fee Reverse Recruitment) Services 

Transition your people out into new roles quickly. They have worked hard at your organization and need to be quickly supported to the next role in an empowered way. We have fixed-fee services, DIY courses, or partial services.

  • We brand their unique value and results so they feel confident about what they bring to the next opportunity.
  • We develop their marketing (resumes, LinkedIn profile) to ensure their brand is carried over in all realms to get noticed 10X faster.
  • We access our expansive network of recruiters and companies and perform personal marketing campaigns to target the right people quickly to secure new opportunities.
  • We can reverse-recruit or empower them to find their roles in the hidden job market.  
  • This maintains your employer brand because you provide not just outplacement services, but the BEST in-class reverse recruiting services.




Employer Brand Building Framework

What can a mission-driven employer brand do for your company?

  • It attracts top talent which is needed to scale companies.
  • It decreases time and cost per hire  (bad Glassdoor or employee reviews can impede your hiring process).
  • It gives your employees a reason to come to work, boosts morale, and increases retention.
  • It builds credibility with your customers.

We have a framework that is easy to implement.

Personal Branding



Learning & Development Coaching Programs

We customize onboarding, career, and leadership coaching programs to help your talent navigate through everything needed to grow companies.

  • Career Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Onboarding
  • On-Demand Coaching

We have L&D experts who can quickly onboard and develop your talent as needed. Our career development program helps your teams grow their careers while simultaneously learning key concepts that will help your company grow; a win-win.

Our research has shown time and time again that by having a trusted in-house talent partner, you will...

✓ Have the ability to bring in high-quality talent for your roles without external recruiting fees.

✓ Be able to find high-quality talent and retain them through a mission-driven culture.

✓ Have more time to tend to other important matters while we funnel, vet, and act as the main point of contact in a non-biased manner as your in-house partner.

✓ Make great traction in your company because you have someone working to ensure your employer brand is positive.

✓ Mitigate legal risk by taking care of your employees with highly effective outplacement services.


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Exiting employees get jobs

Just some of the places we have gotten talent work.


What Clients Are Saying...

Testimonial"This outplacement service was just what I needed to help push myself forward in uncovering the type of work that would fulfill my needs and align with my lifestyle, and the coaching I received helped me to dig deeper to discover insights that I wouldn't have found on my own. Ascend5 helped me to develop an action plan and roadmap to fit my timeline and keep me on track in a strategic manner, rather than just moving wherever the wind blew me. Coaching makes the process fun, with gentle nudges, offering invaluable advice that also helped get me excited about new opportunities. I am now working in my new career path and I love it! Thank you!"    

- Suzie L. Project Manager