At Career5, we specialize in branding your value, results, and story through your resume and LinkedIn profile using our Value Scope Framework™ that...

►Gets you in touch with the Why in your career.

Gets you noticed EXPONENTIALLY faster by hiring authorities.

►Attracts multiple high-quality opportunities and promotions for you by conveying your big wins, metrics, and proven track record.

►Allows for higher salary negotiations via better overview results.

Gives you the authentic confidence needed to land great opportunities.

►Allows you to continue to build your legacy.

RESULTS: Often saves $10K to $50K+ by cutting your job search time in 1/2 and having the ability to negotiate for a higher salary.


Branded Resume, Cover Letter, and Linkedin Packages (C-Level, Executives, and Professionals)


We've worked with 100s of professionals (college to C-level)  in various industries including federal government and state to uniquely professionally brand them to quickly get jobs.

Did you know that ~85% of jobs come from networking? Combine Accelerated Networking to your package for 10Xs the traction! 

QUICKSTART - $110 $99 (reflects 10% off)
We transfer your resume over and you finish up the process. Comes with instructions to finish and a matching cover letter template. You send to us for 1 review with feedback from writer/brand strategist.



REFRESH  $219 $199 (reflects 10% off)
Resume Dev with Matching CL Template (Quick Modern Revamp)



PRO  $329 $299 (reflects 10% off)
Resume + LinkedIn Dev (Recommended for Professional to Mid-Level )



EXECUTIVE $539 $499 (reflects 10% off)
(Recommended for Executives & C-Level, LinkedIn Dev, Customized Cover Letter)



**For the pandemic relief, use code TAKE10FALL for 10% off orders under $500, and TAKE15FALL for 15% off all orders above $500.

Compare Package Features 

Package Feature/ComparisonQUICKSTART

Transfer your resume to new template/color of choice. Choose photo/no photo.

*Resumes above 3 pages will require more time/charged accordingly.

A level-specific brand strategist works with you via email and quick calls to brand your unique value/results (see example of layout).  Add a 30-min or 1-hour virtual branding session if you want to deep-dive one-on-one virtually with a coach to pull this out.N/A 
Option to add Virtual Branding Session $60/$119

Option to add Virtual Branding Session $60/$119

We jump on a 30-minute virtual branding session.
We spend an enormous amount of time ensuring your metrics and unique brand are conveyed to justify competitive roles and high salaries.
Rounds of edits, proofread, finalize to ensure results justify your salary1 review from writer with feedback of what might still be needed. No proof reading.Up to 2
Up to 3
ATS keyword-optimized for 1 job/free access to our ATS software for use during search. Every job in which you apply, should be keyword optimized.Free access to our ATS software to use during search.
Cover letter template or custom cover letter to 1 jobtemplate
customized for 1 job
LinkedIn profile is fully developed/keyword-optimized to be LInkedIn Developmentrecruiter-readyWe send you instructions to develop your own LI profileWe send you instructions to develop your own LI profile
Add Accelerated Networking to cut job search in 1/2.option to add option to add option to add option to add 
Add Job Search or Career Coaching at a discounted client rate for 30 or 60-minute sessions.option to add  option to add option to add option to add 
Career5 Job Search Strategy for BOTH Applying/Networking
Network Infographic Job Search Strategy-Applying
Services are typically finished in...1 day1-3 days3-5 days3-5 days

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Choose your way to get started.

a) Submit resume here, we get back to you with recommendations, choose package, purchase, and start.
b) Jump on a quick call  (303.800.0068) with us (or schedule here), choose package, purchase, and start.
c) Get started right away with our Quick Start/No Risk package (see above) for $49 (see above).






"Many people come to us to fix their resume after going a more economical route because they just didn't get a resume that stood out and conveyed your results well.Aimee Marcelo That's why we created the REFRESH packages. If we're not pulling your unique value out, you won't get noticed faster and command the highest salary that you deserve." -Aimee Marcelo, Founder of Career5



Our guarantee: We stand behind our work! If you are unhappy with the progress from any coaching package, we will cease your package upon request and refund you for any unused services. 

Questions about this process?
Your resume gets you noticed by hiring managers exponentially faster and typically resides in the top 5% of the pile. 

Overview of Process

We build and develop your personally branded marketing communications depending on your package that could include:

  • 6-Second Glance Resume
  • Cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Infographic of the 5 top ways you bring value.

    We send you the first draft of your resume within 48 hours of receiving your questionnaire.
    Our Goal: To get you noticed quicker, give you the authentic confidence needed to job search effectively, and get you the salary you deserve. You'll use these metrics and proven track record throughout your entire job search process: networking, interviewing, and salary negotiations. 
We Brand Your Value
Our Value Scope Resume Methodology
Keyword-Optimize Your Resume
Our Cover Letter Template
Develop LinkedIn Profile & Keyword-Optimize for Recruiters
We give you our Career5 Job Search Strategy
Our Timeline
About Our Branding Strategists
Results & Guarantee
Examples of Work

The Winning Combo to Accelerate Your Job Search...

Branded Resume/LinkedIn Development + Accelerated Networking

Turbocharge your job search with our Accelerated Networking™ package. We network out on your behalf to get in front of the job posting process. Think Reverse Recruiting- because 85% of jobs come from some form of networking.

  • We reach out to 300 hiring authorities and in-house recruiters in your industry and targeted A, B, C companies to get ahead of the job posting process.
  • You jump on informational calls and answer the replies that come in. Saves 2-4 weeks' worth of work.
  • We set up your Job Search Tracker for you to track your leads as they come in.
  • You ask for contract or FT to hire if currently not working due to pandemic, or FT if you are looking for a new growth role.
  • People often combine with a resume service to ensure they are well -branded.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

98% of customers give our writers 5-star reviews!
(4.9/5.0 Customer Reviews)

"In reflecting on this experience it really all came together because of my connecting to you-- thank you. You should know you helped me see my own value and the materials you provided, comments, etc. were amazing - so inspired." - Aria W., SVP of Client Services (Marketed her at executive level to transition to new role with title she deserved.)

"Thanks - I would never get this done on my own!  You really are excellent at what you do. " Sharon R, Program Director for Education (Marketed her unique fun personality to attract better educational program roles.)

"I agree with you. It is perfect because of you. Respectfully, Terri K." Technical Program Manager/Environmental Engineer for Federal/Government (Used REFRESH to build a resume that reflected her amazing abilities.)

"Thank you for checking back. I have accepted a position with a commercial staffing company with large growth potential. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Your system and advice truly work." - Matt K., Business Development and VP of Operations (Had been out of work for 6+ months and found work within 1 month of remarketing him.)

"I wanted to let you know I got a job!! It's literally perfect... it's not the bridal dress designer (although they want me now)'s a remote position that has a high salary and signing bonus!! Thank you so so much for your help with my resume!! They said they hired me because of "my fire" in my resume!" - Minaz K., Director of Marketing (Found high-level role after remarketing her amazing global experience.)

"Thank you so much for your services - everything looks great!  Excited to send these to recruiters and see what results I get. Overall experience was great and very smooth.  Love the template and style of the resume.  Thanks again for your help!"-Michael N., Director of Marketing (Marketed for growth role and higher salary.)