On-Demand Coaching & Coaching Programs
Coaching that gets results

Are you Ready for Coaching?

Coaching works well for people who are:

  • Burned out
  • "Successful" but feel like something is missing
  • Making a transition or Radicle Change
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Seeking Clarity
  • Missing Work / Life Balance

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is having a sounding board that is 100% focused on you, and your Best Life.  It is:

  • Future Focused
  • Accountability Driving
  • Finding your Inner CEO
  • Regaining focus on the bigger picture
  • Growing Capacity
  • Expanding Perspectives



It all starts with a free, no-obligation 30-minute sample session.

If we are a match, engagements are a minimum of 3 months and typically:

  • Online or over the phone
  • One hour for each session
  • Every other week




About Ben Kaanta

Ben has been working in technical and scientific fields for over 20 years in the aerospace, biomedical, healthcare, and nutraceutical industries. His work ranged from improving ion thrusters for NASA to building and operationalizing particle accelerator-based cancer treatment centers. He has held positions including COO, CEO, and Chairman of the Board in international and domestic companies ranging in size from startup to large.

An avid adventurer, he has served on ski patrol at one of Colorado’s largest ski resorts, captured dozens of images of the nighttime sky in remote deserts, and lives with his family in Panama.

Ben holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, Project Management Professional certification (PMP), and is in active certification for his International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentials.

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