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We use CoActive Coaching to support you through to reach your long-term goals.

We use a framework that assures that you can actualize your goals so you can finally have the life you've always wanted.

1. We assess you first (current state).


2. Then determine where you want to be (future state).


3. We roadmap and set milestones to get you there.

4. We use CoActive Coaching to work through barriers and get you into the mindset needed to achieve your goals.


5. We are there with you on your journey for accountability and support.

recruiter screening



Fair-Fee Optimized Recruiting & Staffing™ for companies that care about their talent.

We find high-quality talent using multiple marketing, screening, and touchpoint methods. We send screened high-quality candidates to a designated hiring authority and they take it from there.

We're perfect for seasoned hiring managers who simply need an in-house talent partner to find/screen high-quality talent to the right hiring authorities in your company for 1/4 the cost of traditional recruiters.

Results: You receive high-quality leads using our Candidate Value Scope™ method (see below). You interview and take it from there.


Most recruiters charge 20%,  but we only charge 10%.

As your talent partner, we get one week start time ahead of other recruiters to give you the best chance to find candidates affordably as your talent partner. If we find you a candidate, you only pay 10% of their salary vs the traditional 20%.

By partnering with you, we get to know the needs of your company and align them better to our talent when searching.  Offering a reduced rate allows you the ability to attract higher-quality talent since you now have more in your budget that can be allocated to compensation.

Results: Our clients can offer higher signing bonuses to attract better talent that will move mountains for their organization.



We use multiple methods to market.

We have an extensive network of high-quality candidates both from Ascend5 and from our sister company, Career5 that brands and networks out people for new opportunities. We use multiple social media and marketing campaigns to quickly find, attract, and funnel high-quality people into your roles.

Results: We work on building your employer brand by adding consistency and multiple touchpoints in the recruitment process to build high-quality talent relations, becoming a truly reliable partner for your talent needs.

Why this method?
Think of us as the "Trelora" or "Redfin" of the recruiting world.

 "We started offering this service because the recruiting system is broken if you do not have in-house talent managers hiring and many companies just cannot afford this.  If you don't partner up with a company, you will never truly understand their needs, and the moment you let 3rd party recruiters using the traditional 20% contingent fee bring in talent, the costs go up dramatically. Candidates are lost because there is this extra middle person that is hiring that does not understand the company. 

And lastly, most recruitment companies are not marketers and the traditional method of finding candidates just takes too long.  We use a team of marketers to build your funnel to make this entire process more effective and cost-prohibitive." - Aimee Marcelo, Founder of Ascend 5

Candidate Value Scope

We use our Candidate Value Scope™ Matrix with each client to ensure your top needs are aligned with what they offer.

Sometimes quality candidates have up-to-date resumes and LinkedIns, while others do not. We meet virtually with hiring managers to get an exact "wish list" to target candidates more accurately (leadership and/or technical abilities, track record, years of experience, etc.). By taking the time to screen candidates with this method, we send you a document that states exactly how they align with your needs.

This allows us to market for your exact talent and eliminate wasting time with candidates that do not meet your "must-have" criteria.



Simple cost-effective and affordable solutions can quickly repair an eroded employer brand so that your company doesn't lose traction through the churn and burn of employee replacement.

Save thousands annually on hiring using a more effective recruiting system.


"This method of partnering up as a 'primary' recruiter for the company gets far more traction, eliminates the confusion, and gives us options as to whether we want to hire a recruiter to handle it or just have a funnel set up where we interviewed the screened candidates.  Either way, we are saving $5K-$20K per candidate-more if we just go with the funnel."- Allen Hall,  Xentity (Data Consulting) in Colorado

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