Executive-Level Job Search Marketing Campaign
We market and align your brand value to target the RIGHT positions so you can continue to grow your career, salary, and legacy - using a highly-effective optimized method.

Time for a new position?

►Want to move to the next leadership level and need guidance?

►Need clarity on what your next job opportunity will be and what value you need to bring to it?

►Want to develop an authentic professional brand that brings value?

►Want to interview and pitch your value effectively so you can land high-quality job offers?

►Don't have time to search for a new position?

You're not alone! Don't lose momentum. We help driven people like you access your strengths and value so you can have authentic confidence to land the RIGHT positions. It's time to continue building your professional legacy so you can make true impact!

We Focus on 5 Key Areas to Cut Your Search Time in Half Using Our Rapid Job Search Program®

Target the Jobs that Will Help You Grow

Brand Your Unique Authentic Value that Instills Confidence


Align Your Value to the Market & Create a Value Pitch

Create a Game Plan to Cut Your Job Search in 1/2. Let us accelerate your marketing efforts to help you through this process 10X faster.

Land High-Quality Job Offers by Closing Your Interview and Salary Negotiations

We are here to support you the ENTIRE way so you can move to that next big opportunity for your career. Strategizing this next opportunity will affect your career and salary trajectories so it's important to actualize a plan of action that gives you the most traction. 


Ways we can support you:

  • Branded Resume/LinkedIn service-Brand and market your value on your resume/LinkedIn profiles, and websites.
  • Job Search Strategy/Value Pitch session-Outline your unique job search strategy and value pitch in a 1-hour coach session to make sure you are searching strategically.
  • Accelerated Networking-Speed up your networking 10x via (a reverse-recruiting method) reaching out to targeted people, board members, and recruiters to find/create the right roles.
  • Job Search Marketing-Let us get you into a grove by crafting cover letters, keyword optimizing your resume, and aligning everything to job descriptions you send to us. You just apply and look for people in the company to reach out for introductions.
  • Job Search Accountability - don't let your confidence and salary take a hit because you lose traction. Break a session into 4 weekly meetings to check-in.
  • Interview Prep- Let's strategize and prepare for your interview via 1-hour of coaching.
  • Salary Negotiations - Let's ensure you negotiate for a value-based salary and not market rate.

Here are the ways we can support you to get you to the high-level positions you deserve:


We work together to brand and market your value:

  • Your targeted positions (based on your growth strategy)
  • Authentic differentiated brand (your unique value)
  • Job market alignment (market fit)
  • Key metrics that sell your value
  • Top 5 strengths

We build a job marketing campaign that showcases your value, impact, and legacy so you can land high-quality positions and justify the salary you deserve.

Resume Cover Letter LinkedIn Development Infographic

  • 6-Second Glance Resume (use our templates)
  • Cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Customized infographic of the top value (metrics) you bring

Our Goal: To work with you to develop and market your branded value to get you noticed quicker, and ultimately give you the authentic confidence needed to job search effectively.
You'll use these metrics and proven track record throughout your entire job search process: networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation process.

We optimize, brand, and personalize your LinkedIn profile so hiring managers and recruiters can find you to offer job opportunities (or we can do it for you).

Resumes will be replaced someday soon by a digital version, and right now, that's LinkedIn. Hiring managers and recruiters are now scouring talent on LinkedIn due to their innovative recruitment tools. You have a greater chance of receiving more job opportunities during your career if your LinkedIn profile is developed/optimized.

LInkedIn Development

  • Keyword optimize for your position and industry so recruiters can find you.
  • Show you are connected (ideally 500+ contacts).
  • Convey your proven track record in your experience and summary.
  • Market you as an influencer or thought leader by posting or forwarding great articles.
  • Show social proof that you are a great person professionally (through recommendations).

Plus, we can add so much more...

  • Photos of your work
  • Blog
  • Events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Social media posting
  • Personal websites
  • Videos, etc.



Need to customize a package? Let's jump on a quick call.


Let's brand and market your amazing abilities so we can QUICKLY get you the RIGHT job.

Testimonial"Career5 is a unique blend of coaching and career management utilizing a unique platform that helped me transition from my former Chief Operating Officer position into my current position. The coaching and marketing techniques were extremely helpful and insightful when I was creating my business vision, strategic plan, and targets. My coach at Career5 held me personally accountable and ultimately was a key tool to the success of my new business venture. THANK YOU!"
- Tim  S., VP of Operations
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Additional Ways We Can Support You in Your Job Search

Continue to grow. Grow others. Make great impact. Fail. Learn. Start over. You are built for this!



"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - John C. Maxwell




Our Guarantee

Our guarantee: We stand behind our work! If you are unhappy with the progress from any coaching package, we will cease your package upon request and refund you for any unused services. We only have a few select coaches and they are trained specifically on job strategy and job marketing coaching to assure our clients get the most traction in their search using our services.

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Let's brand and market your amazing abilities so we can get you the RIGHT job quickly.