Need full support in finding you a job?
We created the EXPEDITE Program© for Executives to C-Level targeting >$200K+ roles to quickly, discretely, and proactively find new roles to make a greater impact.

Using our program has a significant impact on career and salary trajectories for our clients, often increasing their salaries by $20K-$100K+.

Let us reverse-recruit you so you can focus on getting the right job, continue working, or maybe just take that needed vacation.

We have a 98% success rate of finding clients new roles.

Our EXPEDITE© Program guides you step-by-step through our proven framework.

1BRAND: Dial in your personal brand and elevator pitch while developing your resume & LinkedIn profile.

Resume Example- Resume Writers Near Me
Get noticed 10X faster.

 2LAUNCH: We get you organized, strategize for the companies and roles you want, and launch your job search.

LinkedIn Development
Cuts the job search in 1/2.

3 REVERSE RECRUIT: We network you out to hundreds of the right people to tap into the hidden job market.

Career Coaching
Cuts the job search in 1/2.

4 LAND: We interview prep you, using a solutions-based consultative strategy.

Career Coaching
Land far more offers.

GROW:  We work with you and the right experts to get the salary you deserve.

Negotiate a value-based, not market-rate salary ($5K-$50K more).

Launch + Brand + Interview Prep + Reverse Recruit + Apply + Salary Negotiate 

As low as $250/mo

guaranteeOur Guarantee: We want you to feel confident that we are providing the services mentioned below. You have the option to pay upfront or pay in 2 payments spread out 2 weeks apart.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason; you can cease services before the second payment.


We launch, brand, apply, coach, and reverse recruit to expedite the entire job search process in 1 month.  You can add any additional services if needed, a la carte.

Week 1 (Organize and Brand): First payment due of 2 payment program.

1) Organize: We organize your job search, set up and share job folders, set up job alerts, create a new email for you, and go over Rapid Job Search Strategy.

Career5 Platform

2) Resume Development: We transfer your resume to our proven framework that gets noticed 10X faster. This is not a full-service resume process but close (just no back-and-forth revisions).
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3) Branding Session: You meet with your Executive Coach to brand your unique value on your resume for an hour.

4) LinkedIn Profile: We update your LinkedIn to mirror your resume and be recruiter-ready.

Week 2 (Set Up Reverse Recruit Campaigns & Coach):

1) Pull lists of up to 500-1000 Targeted Hiring Authorities: You fill out a discovery form. We pull lists for companies, in-house talent, PEs, VCs, etc. The goal is to connect, connect, connect you to the hidden job market.

2) Review Lists: You review the lists and have complete control over it.


3) Apply: You send us 5 jobs to apply. We set up your job application package -> We realign, keyword optimize, craft your cover letter, save as a .pdf, find the URLs of the right people on LinkedIn to reach out to so you can get their radar, and then we send you the application package with a 2 step instruction so it takes you 5 minutes to apply.

Weeks 3 through 4 (Run Reverse Recruit & Coach): Last payment due of 2 payment program.

1) We Run Your Email & LinkedIn Campaigns: Everything speeds up at this point. If we need to pivot with the lists, we will. They will run for 4 weeks at this point reaching out to 1000 of the right people. This will greatly improve and increase your LinkedIn connections to uncover hidden job opportunities and start interviewing for unposted roles.

2) Interview Prep & Salary Negotiations Session: We interview prep/role play to land more offers using a highly effective consultative strategy. You start interviewing. We will also pull salary data and talk about what you should be making, how to negotiate and ensure if you need legal help with negotiating your package, that we can connect you to the right people.

3) Apply: You continue to send us any jobs until you reach 5-to realign, keyword optimize, craft your cover letter, and reach out to the right people on your behalf for an introduction to get on their radar. Buy a 10-pack for $999 if you need more.

4) Executive Coaching: You have another hour of coach time (15-min, 30-min, or 60 min sessions) to ask questions, pivot, etc. to be used at any time over the following month.

You only pay for what you need: Reverse recruiting will continue on for 4 weeks additionally at this point. If you need more services, you can pay for discounted coaching, buy a 10-pack to apply for more jobs, or purchase another Email/LinkedIn campaign to run for $699-$999 depending on strategy and needs.

 EXPEDITE: Rapid Job Search Program©

Within 1 week we launch, prep, and manage your job search. You even can start the process as you transition out slowly.

Let us take the job search off of your plate!
We save 200+ hours of time and increase your salary trajectory.

Maybe it's time you take a break before you start that new job.  Let us set you up, prepare your marketing, network you out quickly, prep you to land the role, and support you through this process.

Waiting for a recruiter to find you a role is like waiting for the right opportunity to show up on your doorstep. This method is a proactive way of looking for work. Recruiters also get 20% of your salary which decreases your ability to negotiate higher. 

By paying monthly, you only pay for what you need and both parties are invested in this process. Go enjoy your day while we look for your new role!

"It's a 1-on-1 job search coaching and accountability program that has been fuel-injected with a discrete networking campaign and you even apply? Brilliant! Exactly what I need. I am swamped right now with wrapping up my work here." - Mark F., SVP of Strategic Partnerships.

Need to get in touch with your authentic personal brand?  We work with leaders to hone in on their mission and convey it in their marketing collateral (resume, LinkedIn, and social media).

Leadership roles are highly competitive. You work with an Executive Coach (who understands your level and role) to get them authentically confident. Our executive writing framework was developed by recruiters and marketers.

Results Include:
✓Attracts C-Level engagements with board members and funding sources.
Your resume attracts high-quality roles 10X faster because it is well-organized and your value is showcased.
✓Recruiters can easily connect the dots that you are perfect for this role.
✓Gets you authentically confident in your abilities to go for these highly competitive roles by working with an executive coach to pull out your unique value.
✓Linkedin profiles get noticed much more often by recruiters for new roles due to being optimized and branded well.

Justifies higher salaries of $20K - $100K+ (depending on your level).

Executive Resume Writing

What Clients Are Saying...


Executive client landed a role in another state, and received a 40% salary increase; 13X ROI from coaching
"Couldn't have done it without you! Your service truly works!"


Mid-level client pivoted from a government sciences role into a university role that builds community (her strength) and is back on track with salary within 2 years projected to increase 20% in next 2 years in a job she loves 5 minutes from home; ROI from coaching is priceless.
"It was scary and amazing at the same time, transitioning out of my role and taking a temporary pay cut. But I went from 10 shades of gray to invigorated and I now see my energy and efforts will accelerate my growth 10X."

A mid-level client who wants to move up to a larger corporate role for career growth; projected to increase salary 20%; 20X ROI from coaching.
"Welp, I am trying to figure out how to respond to all these wonderful connections.  I have director-level people at Amazon and Google that are willing to set up a call with me. I have a call with the director of user experience at Google tomorrow and a coaching session with the creative director at Amazon next week! There is a job opening at Patagonia I want to apply for and now have 4 connections here!" -Tara D., (Art Director, Digital Designer)."


Executive client who wanted to switch companies to an SVP operations role for career growth; projected to increase salary 25%; 25X ROI from coaching.
"Just checking in to see when the campaign concludes?  I have been trying to stay on top of Linked in to the best of my ability.   I have two really solid leads.   I believe both will result in offers. Thanks!" -Kara P., (Operations Leader).