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Let's find you the right leaders to scale up your company.
We vet for proven track record, business acumen, ability to galvanize teams, and cultural fit.

We're your talent partners that care about your people.

We offer multiple affordable partnership options.

We optimized your staffing so no resources are wasted.

We find you high-quality talent to build your business.

The Goal: To have a high-rated employer brand that attracts high-quality talent and decreases employee retention.

 We're your trusted agile in-house talent partner.
See our Fair Fee Optimized Recruiting and Staffing Model© below.

Today you need a simple talent sourcing for 1 role...tomorrow you ramp up for 18 different roles in 3 groups. You need a "go-to" talent partner to fill in the gaps because they know your business and can hit the ground running. The budgets you're given vary, as does your need for fair fee recruiting options. That's where we come in.

recruiter screening



Fair-Fee Optimized Recruiting & Staffing™

We find high-quality talent using multiple marketing, screening, and touchpoint methods. We send screened high-quality candidates to a designated hiring authority and they take it from there.

We're perfect for seasoned hiring managers who simply need an in-house talent partner to find/screen high-quality talent to the right hiring authorities in your company for 1/4 the cost of traditional recruiters.

Results: You receive high-quality leads using our Candidate Value Scope™ method (see below). You interview and take it from there.


Most recruiters charge 20%,  but we're only 5%.

As your talent partner, we get one week start time ahead of other recruiters to give you the best chance to find candidates affordably as your talent partner. If we find you a candidate, you only pay 5% of their salary vs the traditional 20%.

By partnering with you, we get to know the needs of your company and align them better to our talent when searching.  Offering a reduced rate allows you the ability to attract higher-quality talent since you now have more in your budget that can be allocated to compensation.

Results: Our clients can offer higher signing bonuses to attract better talent that will move mountains for their organization.



We use multiple methods to market.

We have an extensive network of high-quality candidates both from Ascend5 and from our sister company, Career5 that brands and networks out people for new opportunities. We use multiple social media and marketing campaigns to quickly find, attract, and funnel high-quality people into your roles.

Results: We work on building your employer brand by adding consistency and multiple touchpoints in the recruitment process to build high-quality talent relations, becoming a truly reliable partner for your talent needs.

Candidate Value Scope

We use our Candidate Value Scope™ Matrix with each client to ensure your top needs are aligned with what they offer.

Sometimes quality candidates have up-to-date resumes and LinkedIns, while others do not. We meet virtually with hiring managers to get an exact "wish list" to target candidates more accurately (leadership and/or technical abilities, track record, years of experience, etc.). By taking the time to screen candidates with this method, we send you a document that states exactly how they align with your needs.

This allows us to market for your exact talent and eliminate wasting time with candidates that do not meet your "must-have" criteria.


Our methods and tools cut your search time exponentially using our  Candidate Value Scope© 5-step framework.

,Careers Page
1. We set you up a landing page for your role with your "wish list" criteria and track the interactions and CTRs adjusting as needed.

Candidate Spreadsheet

2. We set you up with a Candidate Tracking Sheet© to input and organize your leads for you to easily filter through and communicate to us. Keep leads for future use.

network pool

3. We network out to 100s of targeted high-quality candidates across various industries and marketing mediums, including our own vast network at our B2C company, Career5, to ensure high-quality leads.

top talent
4. We video screen based on your "wishlist criteria" and record so when we pass names onto you, you can actually get a snapshot of their personality, intelligence, and acumen before contacting them, cutting your interview time down drastically.

5.We quickly funnel down candidates to a small select group of high-quality leads to fill your roles in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional recruiting.

Ascend5 Fair Fee®:  We believe in partnerships and your success.

Pay small set up fee for campaign and only 5-7% if you hire one of our candidates vs the 20% traditional contingent recruiting fee.

Ascend5 Services IncludeFAIR-FEE Optimized Recruiting & Staffing
(1-week headstart)


Traditional Contingent
Search 20% 

Determine timeline and scope of work.Unlimited<-->Unlimited
Review role/description to ensure targeting of high-quality talent. Create a landing page to capture candidate data. <-->
Target curated sources and databases to quickly generate talent leads using effective multi-touch marketing funnels (10x faster than traditional methods).<-->Reaches out using a much slower traditional method.
Set up a Candidate Tracker Sheet/and or utilize your ATS to keep us on track.<--> Usually emails candidate to you one at a time.
Create and utilize our Candidate ValueScope™ scoring system of your top wishlist requirements for role to screen for higher quality talent because resumes are often not up to date.<-->Sends resume and you have to decipher if they meet your needs.
Act as main POC during process for all incoming candidates from internal/external sources.<-->
Send videos of top candidates answering to your most needed requirements.  You watch and reach out to your top picks and eliminate valuable wasted time on phone calls.<-->Sends resumes and recap of phone screen.
Schedule interviews.You schedule<-->
Guarantee hire; replace for free if candidate leaves within 90-120 days.We replace candidate for another $499 setup fee<-->
Makes entire process streamlined and tracked by data to pivot where needed; partners long-term with you to create continuity and a positive experience for both you and your candidates. You keep the pipeline in your ATS or other means for future opportunities.<-->Constantly competes against other recruiters. You never see other candidates. Another recruiter face. Another hefty recruiter fee.
Package Pricing$499 set up fee + 5% of salary (if our candidate is hired) for under $125K salaries and 7% of salary (if candidate is hired) for salaries of $125K+VS. 12-20% 


Our research has shown time and time again that by working together as an in-house partner, everyone wins.

✓Find high-quality talent in a pinch when needed.

✓We know your company, culture, and your roles inside and out because we have worked with you continuously so you can plug us in where needed.

✓Scale-up faster from this affordable staffing model.

✓You won't be inundated by multiple recruiters again because we'll be your main point of contact (POC) for staffing.

✓You'll have more energy and momentum to focus on other important goals to move your company forward.

flat fee recruiting


Simple cost-effective and affordable solutions can quickly repair an eroded employer brand so that your company doesn't lose traction through the churn and burn of employee replacement.

We give you our holistic TalentRetention™ framework for free to help your company expand quickly. Our research has found that if you keep your best talent, your company will exponentially grow.

Here are some simple ways we can address this by partnering with you:

  • Periodic Employee Feedback-get the true employee pulse; address issues right away.
  • Monthly Employee Impact Rewards-Give thanks with performance awards.
  • Mission-Driven Culture-Give your employees something to care about by creating a mission that gives back(people stay 54% longer); recruit ambassadors to keep it going.
  • Career Development - Grow your people or they feel stagnant; we offer affordable group/individual 3rd party coaching with our Career5™ platform/coaching.
  • Onboarding - Set tone from the start. We can recruit/train SMEs to create this and keep it going or our eLearning experts can create for you.
  • Outplacement - When you let just 1 person go in a poor way, everyone notices. It's 10x harder to fix a bad employer brand so protect it.
  • Teambuilding- Create a team-building mantra to live by in the workplace, starting with leadership and filtering down to employees so that everyone is rowing in the same direction.
  • Leadership Coaching - Get your executives the help, continuity, and alignment needed to effectively lead your company.

Want to find out more about partnering up? Schedule a call.