Our Guarantees and Refund Policy


We stand behind our framework and work. Our goal is to always ensure our clients are getting what is needed to create transformation in their lives via our programs and services.  Please see the specific guarantees below for each one.

BRAND Resume Packages 

We guarantee that you get an interview within 60 days with your new resume using your new resume format and our  Rapid Job Search Strategy® that comes with your package or we will provide a free 30-minute coaching session to get you on the right track.  If you have received the first draft and are unhappy, please let us know so we can rectify it until you are completely satisfied. We give 50% refunds if unsatisfied and the resume has been completed and you have already received a copy of it. We will ensure that it is successfully completed to your satisfaction using the well-researched framework that we consistently follow. We focus on these areas to ensure you are attracting the roles and salary you deserve. See example here. 

OUTPLACEMENT or EXPEDITE: Rapid Job Search Individual Programs

We guarantee to get you a role, following our framework, in 60 days or the 3rd month is $500 for MID Level, 120 days or 4th month is $500 off for EXECUTIVE-Level and 150 days or 6th month is off for C-Level.

ACCELERATE© (Career  & Salary) &  RAPID CHANGE©  Programs

We guarantee to create your strategy, roadmap, goals, and accountability needed to actualize your goals within the agreed-upon time with your coach or we will provide a free coaching session to get you on the right track and run your campaign for an additional month. 

Unused Services

We understand that services are sometimes not used, however, please understand that we have to staff and pay our writers, marketers, and coaches once an order is processed. If you are unable to use one or more of your services within 3 months, we will credit you the difference with executive coaching or other services to ensure you keep your career moving forward.