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Outplacement Services that Empower Your People
...while taking care of your employer brand.

Your employees give you loyalty. Show them the same courtesy by supporting them to their new job.

Our five-stage methodology empowers employees to own their career growth, align their strengths to the market, and confidently look for the best opportunities, leaving the door open for future talent if needed.

Frustrated employees become enlightened employees with the RIGHT job search support.

We protect your brand by showing your employees that you care. By investing in this unique empowering job search training, they get in touch with their strengths, talents, and drives that will help them find their next position. We shift their focus to future possibilities-- often finding opportunities that are even a better fit since their talents are more closely aligned.

We cut the job search time in 1/2 by utilizing a unique marketing method.


Most outplacement services help employees with resumes, interview prep, and finding opportunities, but research has shown that they need much more to land jobs: authentic confidence, value (track record) alignment to the marketplace, and a solid job marketing strategy specific to their work in order to effectively market and sell their value to land jobs. Using both one-on-one and group coaching, we can affordably train them on the importance of their proven value, and how to effectively market it to land jobs and cut search time in 1/2.

Outplacement: We develop job marketing campaigns and search strategies that cut the job search in 1/2 the time, giving them authentic confidence in their value so they can land jobs quickly using both a hybrid method of coaching, courses, and job search tools.

Career5 Roadmap Platform

By showing them how to:

  • align their value to the job market
  • dial in a strategy with a solid job marketing campaign (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile)
  • network effectively to get noticed
  • pitch their value authentically in their interview

So they can get into a renewed mindset of investing in their career growth which will help them to quickly land the RIGHT positions for their growth.

Executive Job Marketing: We offer a UNIQUE full-service job marketing and coaching packages that help your executives quickly move forward with confidence.

We love working with your executives to convey their stories and proven track records that showcase their value for their next opportunity. We  develop together and connect them with :

  • Their personal mission
  • Their top strengths and value
  • A solid job search and network strategy
  • Our vast recruiter network

Our unique method brings them clarity and confidence in their value, gets them realigned to their intended professional legacies, what the market needs, and helps them to quickly move forward to the next stage of their career feeling recharged, confident, and often excited about what they can bring to the table for their next position!

Career Planning & Culture Building: Invest in the growth of your employees, build a mission they can get behind, and watch your business take off.  Give them something to care about.

By allowing your employees to tap into their inner drives and strengths, plan their growth, and build a culture they can buy into, your employees will be far more engaged in developing new abilities that are aligned to your company's needs. By teaching them business concepts and the business of your business, we can align performance growth to their career growth. Then watch your employees come alive and move HUGE mountains! 

  • Career Strategy Sessions - (roadmap growth, team-building, networking, skilling-up)
  • Culture Building - (employer brand, value rewards, performance system tied to career growth)
  • Guest-Speaking and Team-Building Engagements - (teach the concept of taking charge of your own career and aligning a growth strategy to business needs