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Add header of your choice to your  current resume.

*Resumes above 3 pages will require more time/charged accordingly.

A level-specific Executive Coach works with you via a virtual call to develop your brand /results which becomes your value pitch for networking or interviewing. (See example of our proven resume layout.)
Executive coach jumps on a 60-minute virtual branding session.

Executive coach jumps on a 60-90 minute virtual branding session.

Executive coach jumps on a 60-120 minute virtual branding session.
We run through Grammarly and send it to you immediately. You edit/proofread to finalize.
We give you free access to our keyword optimization software to use during your job search (saves $39). You need to keyword optimize for EVERY application.  
Matching cover letter template with an example.

We give you instructions on how to take your new resume and develop your LinkedIn profile to be LInkedIn Developmentrecruiter-ready. Add for $99 if you want us to do it.
Includes our 30-day access to the Career5 Rapid Job Search Course, LinkedIn Development Instructions, Rapid Job Search Strategy®, Networking Scripts, Thank You Letter Examples, and Free Access to Our Keyword Optimization Software for as much time as needed (saves $49/mo).


Services are typically finished in... 2-days2-days2-4 days days


What Clients Are Saying...
Career5 Reviews

Executive client landed a role in another state, and received a 40% salary increase; 13X ROI from coaching
"Couldn't have done it without you! Your service truly works!"

Mid-level client pivoted from a government sciences role into a university role that builds community (her strength) and is back on track with salary within 2 years projected to increase 20% in next 2 years in a job she loves 5 minutes from home; ROI from coaching is priceless.
"It was scary and amazing at the same time, transitioning out of my role and taking a temporary pay cut. But I went from 10 shades of gray to invigorated and I now see my energy and efforts will accelerate my growth 10X."

A professional client who wants to move up to a larger corporate role for career growth; projected to increase salary 20%; 20X ROI from coaching.
"Welp, I am trying to figure out how to respond to all these wonderful connections I have director-level people at amazon and google that are willing to set up a call with me. I have a call with the director of the user experience at google tomorrow and a coaching session with the creative director at Amazon next week! There is a job opening at Patagonia I want to apply for and now have 4 connections here!" -Tara D., (Art Director, Digital Designer)."

Executive client who wanted to switch companies to an SVP operations role for career growth; projected to increase salary 25%; 25X ROI from coaching.
"Just checking in to see when the campaign concludes?  I have been trying to stay on top of Linked in to the best of my ability.   I have two really solid leads.   I believe both will result in offers. Thanks!" -Kara P., (Operations Leader).

College student looking for an internship who had no luck with traditional networking. A new resume, Accelerated Job Search Service, and coaching helped him to land a new role in Logistics- not internship that will keep going PT in last year of college making $25K from this opportunity; 40X ROI from coaching.
"I was starting to feel I had nothing to offer or wasn't worthy of a good job. My friends were all landing internships and I wasn't.  My area was a little more difficult to find roles. Coaching changed my mind frame to a consultative mindset and increased my confidence enormously. I was no longer scared to interview. I did not feel like I had to show up as something I was not. I just had to show up intelligently and enthusiastically. I was so proud to land my role! I am now working and love it-though admittingly- full-time is a big adjustment :).  It was scary to spend that kind of money, but the payment plan made it worth it, and the coaching was priceless to my confidence in my abilities. I highly recommend this." - Jesse D., Logistics