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You only have 6 seconds to make a good first impression. Does your resume uniquely stand out?

The job market is highly competitive. We carve out your unique brand and value into your marketing collateral (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.) to get you authentically confident. Our framework was developed by recruiters, executives, and marketers who understand what it takes to stand out!

Results Include:
✓Attracts high-quality roles 10X faster because it is well-organized and your value is showcased.
✓Recruiters can easily connect the dots that you are perfect for this role.
✓Gets you authentically confident in your abilities to go for these highly competitive roles by working with an executive coach to pull out your unique value.
✓Linkedin profiles get noticed much more often by recruiters for new roles due to being optimized and branded well.

Justifies higher salaries of $10K - $30K+ (depending on your level).

Do you have a resume that conveys the value you bring to your roles?

BRAND: Resume & LinkedIn Development

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What Clients Are Saying...

Career5 Reviews

Graduate student had his resume and LinkedIn redeveloped; used RapidJob Search Strategy to network out and find a role in one of the top commercial firms in his industry.
"I was looking for 3 months and nothing until I worked with you. My confidence skyrocketed!"- Jess M.

Marketing professional had her resume and LinkedIn rebranded; found a role within 2 weeks.
"The HR person said this was the most well-organized resume she has ever seen."- Anne P. 

Product manager asked for a new resume and LinkedIn profile; found a role within 1 month.
"This resume definitely helped me stand out compared to my competitors. The process also made me feel more confident in my value. Thank you!" - Chuck M.